Become a Circle

Expanded Wellness

Expand your quality of life.

More than just a gym, Circle is a club for all ages and levels. We use an innovative and customized training method focused on your well-being.

Expanded Wellness is a concept that defines our purpose to improve your quality of life and to reveal your true potential.


Train your body and your mind in a perfect circle.

Our main principles are connection, progression, freedom of movement and the expansion of the body as a vehicle to experience life.


Our mission is to provide you activities suitable for your condition, so you can expand yourself and create your own circles of habits and emotions.


We create a training method that will allow you to achieve your full potential. In and out of Circle.

Circle identity is based on a personalized and holistic approach of body and mind. Our specialized team developed a proper method focused on movement, agility, strength and locomotion that involves both body and mind. As a consequence, you will be able to achieve your ideal range of movement.


Through a deep and personalized initial evaluation we will define for you a realistic, practical and functional plan. Our mission is to help you achieve your goals and assist you in getting back strength, mobility, skills and flexibility.


Whether in group classes or in personal trainings, our Circle Trainers are able to identify the best technique for every Circle member. In this way you can achieve your ideal range of movement, regardless of your fitness level.


Expansion of body and mind through technology.


Interaction, movement, challenge, speed. Shaping your body and your brain, PRAMA technology will make your training more challenging. We are the first gym in Lisbon to use this interactive and digital platform, which adopts neuro-cerebral stimulations as lights and sounds to create an unpredictable and stimulating environment. Your physical and mental abilities will be expanded.



How does it work?

Trainings are based on interactivity, which requires an intense level of concentration in order to achieve a total abstraction from the outside world.

The training program is chosen according to the workout. Through the screens placed in the studio, the participants will follow the exercises, rhythms and transitions from level to level.
The floor of the training studios is equipped with a covering which reacts to the movement and that guides the exercises. The music defines the rhythm that every participant has to follow.


At Circle you will not find static machines that train separately different muscle groups.


Besides PRAMA platform, all our equipment have the same purpose, far beyond to just burning calories and shaping the perfect body: the holistic stimulation of our motor abilities.


An ergometer that simulates skiing. It will activate large group muscles, enhancing cardio-respiratory work and inter-muscular coordination increasing energy expenditure.
Variations in power and speed will produce remarkable variations in the training.

Rowing Machine

An ergometer that simulates rowing. With the possibility of modifying the external load, this workout stimulates the development of power, speed and coordination.
There is a great energy expenditure and a remarkable cardio-respiratory activation due to the effort on coordinating the upper and lower body.

Skillmill Treadmill

A functional ergometer that stimulates the development of the natural walking cycle. It stands out from traditional treadmills and enhances the activation of the posterior muscular chain, increasing energy expenditure. Different levels of resistance will give you the opportunity to train either power or speed. This ergometer develops more efficient movement and locomotion patterns.

Air Bike

An ergometer with a muscular endurance component for the upper limbs. It provides a complete workout with high energy expenditure, it activates large muscle groups and stimulates the cardio-respiratory system. Due to its characteristics, the Air Bike is an excellent tool for power and speed trainings with many different levels of intensity.

Circle Trainers

Your expansion starts with them.
Meet the Circle Trainers.

Ernesto Carvalho

The Circle method was born here. Ernesto, passionate and kind, dedicated and focused, is committed to his essence in every moment. He is passionate about the quality of movement and will follow you since the moment you’ll step in.

Rita Terruta

With a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Health, she is methodical, demanding and insightful. Rita plans and organizes the technical direction of Circle. You will hardly meet someone as meticulous as her. Her personality is reflected in every detail of the project.

Sara HU

Physiotherapist, Yoga and Pilates instructor. The human body is her home. Classes of Yoga and Pilates slow down our mind reconnecting us to the present. Her voice gives us back the tranquility we lost in a troubled day.

Bruno Alexandre

Specialized in Physical Exercise and Quality of Movement, Bruno’s mere presence makes us gain awareness of ourselves: our body is the expression of our mind. Passionate about the knowledge and the study of the human body, his main interests are prevention of injuries, recovery, and the improvement of your posture.

Jéssica Patinho

Specialized in Physical Exercise and Pilates, Jessica is passionate about movement. She aims to find the right balance between body and mind through consciousness and bodily expression.

João Faleiro

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Sciences and a Master’s in Exercise and Health, he specializes in management and control of training loads and empowerment of athletes. For his experience and education, João is qualified to work with people affected by obesity, hypertension, osteoporosis and other diseases.


We are a community, we work with humans for humans.

Our Team is subject to long and specific training to satisfy your needs in the most personalized way.

Noor Palma

Founder and General Manager

With a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Psychology, fond of the human mind, she believes that the body is a brilliant tool to experience life in a holistic way.
Visionary and dreamer, all strategy, planning and management are worked out by her.

Karima Manji

Founder and President

Engaged in the Business and Enterprise area for over 30 years in Angola, Dubai, and Portugal, she is the mentor and the driving force of the project.

Ernesto Carvalho

Founder and Technical Director

Expert in Theoretical Foundations of Physical Exercise and Morpho-physiological Bases, he is passionate about the quality of movement. His whole life is shaped by this concept.
Better known as the Circle Master, he takes care of all programs and training.

Cláudia Santos

Host and Reception

Circle Host and receptionist, she is fond of nature and sea. She is a lover of lighthearted laughter and everything that binds her to the world. At Circle she found a new way to be connected. Always smiling and cheerful, she will be available for suggestions and information.

Salima Habibo

Administrative Assistant

Salima has the serenity and composure to deal with the bureaucratic and logistical work involved in the project.  We fell in love with her serenity and, during years of collaboration, she has been able to win our unconditional trust.

Isabel Goulart

Designer and Brand Manager

Dreamer and persistent, Isabel is able to communicate and live our culture. Minimalist and objective, she brings clarity to our image.

Pedro Torres

Host and Reception

Pedro gives us the feeling of being back home. He perfectly knows our DNA and he is a great communicator and storyteller. Dreamer and visionary, he is always available to discuss any topic and attend to all your needs.

Ana Pires

Host and Reception

Working in the same field for 20 years, she perfectly knows how to play her role. Team Leader and Supervisor, she will be the one to welcome you to our house. Without even realizing it, you will find yourself having tea and chatting in our lounge.

Daniela Valdez

Strategist and Copy

In an ever-changing world, Daniela is continuously studying the impact of Circle and the tendencies moving around us.
Her mind never stops and her intuitions are always brilliant. A deep, efficient strategist.


What does Circle mean to you?