Group Classes

We redefine the way you train.
We expand your mind.


Our mission is to help you achieve your goals and assist you in getting back strength, mobility, skills, and flexibility that are, by nature, part of the human being.


Our classes admit between 8 and 16 participants, depending on the studio. In this way, all members can receive a careful and personalized treatment.

Intensity Level
Low Medium High
45 min

In a flow of energy and different dynamics, we will challenge your body by keeping it permanently in contact with the ground, simulating the movement of animals. Here you can improve your mobility, strength, coordination, and muscle endurance.

45 min

Following a circuit, we will improve your movement skills, cardio, muscular and functional abilities.

30 min

Short but intense workout that involves your whole body. You will gain range of motion and joint control.

45 min

Here you can improve your muscle endurance, focusing on the movement patterns and challenging the concept of force as you know it.

30 min
Full Circle

Be ready to sweat! A high intensity interval training, using the equipment of the Functional Studio. This class will increase your energy expenditure, your cardio ability and your muscle endurance.

45 min
All IN

This workout is strongly focused on cardio. Here you will challenge your reaction, agility and coordination.

45 min

Here we explore the concepts of movement and body. Our main aim is to expand your motor awareness, coordination and mobility. You will improve your ability in taking the right decision and you will develop your functional strength.

60 min
Active Yoga

Our yoga classes follow the Vinyasa Flow style. In a fluid, creative and dynamic sequence we will work on flexibility, mobility, balance, strength and motor awareness. We will focus also on respiration patterns and concentration. At last, complete relaxation.

45 min
Clinical Pilates

Pilates classes focus on central stability, core training and body awareness for a healthier spine.

30 min
Active Stretch

A aula de Active Stretch foi desenvolvida de forma a complementar os teus treinos. Irás aprender a alongar de forma ativa e segura, sempre aliada ao treino de força muscular. Sairás destas aulas revigorado.

Personal Training

Personal training is focused on individualized guidance and on the improvement of your movement abilities. We take into consideration the specific abilities of every club member and we emphasize commitment, motivation, and focus.

Class Schedule