These times require extreme safety and hygiene measures.

Safety measures for a completely safe training.

At the entrance, club members and staff must take their temperature and disinfect their hands with alcohol gel.

Wearing the mask is mandatory, except during the workout.

We placed an acrylic protection at the front desk, in order to ensure club members and reception team safety.

To check-in you just have to scan a QR code, so that any unnecessary contact can be avoid.

All trainings and classes must be booked in advance through our application.

Alcohol gel can be found in several areas of the club: use it frequently to protect yourself and the others.

The whole club - lockers, equipments, surfaces - is constantly disinfected with steam.

Club members are not allowed to exchange tools during the classes.

We placed marks all around the space so that we can ensure social distancing between the members.


We use an ultraviolet machine that destroys the DNA and RNA of virus and bacteria.

The UV-C machine is used in all spaces and surfaces: reception, lounge, locker room, studios and offices.

All studios are disinfected before and after every class.

UVGI system is much more efficient than the household products and is eco-friendly: it reduces the waste of plastic and paper and does not release chemicals.

It has been successfully employed for more than a century, proving effective against numerous viruses such as ebola and tuberculosis.