Consciousness and regeneration are essential for the harmony of body and mind. Osteopathy and Physiotherapy to calibrate, SPA to regenerate and Nutrition to improve your eating habits. Circle offers these complimentary services alongside the training programs.
With João Catalão

Graduated in 2008 from the Traditional Medicine

Institute Over 10 years of clinical experience

Osteopathy aims to restore movement, alignment, and vascularization by applying manual techniques. It contributes to eradicate pain and promote the balance of the human body.

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Clinical Pilates
Individual sessions with Sara Hu

A therapeutic approach to Pilates, suitable for persons with pathologies and to prevent injuries. It allows associating physical exercise with physiotherapy, tailored to your specific needs

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Therapeutic Yoga
Individual sessions with Sara HU

A therapeutic approach to Yoga, to maximize the potential of the human movement.
Here we work out abilities such as corporal awareness, movement flow, strength, flexibility, stability, and respiration. We will adopt the most efficient and suitable method for your needs.

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Individual sessions with Sara HU

Physiotherapist with specialization in Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Corrective Exercise.
She works in the prevention and recovery of injuries and in postural reeducation. Her main purpose is to remove the pain and optimize the movement of the body.
Through manual therapy, postural reeducation and corrective exercise we want to recognize and eliminate the causes of pain.

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Deep movement evaluation
An analysis focused on your movement

Adopting the Inbody analysis and the FMS technique, we will evaluate your body meticulously in order to discover your full potential. We will collect essential data: analysis of your muscle mass or potential locomotion dysfunctions, among others.

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Clinical and sports nutrition
With Dr. Júlio de Castro Soares

Collaborate in the Da Luz Hospital and in the UDV of the Portuguese 2nd Football Division

Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition Sciences

Post-Graduated in Clinical Nutrition

What we eat has an impact on the way we think, our energy expenditure, and how we relate to the world. Here you can receive personalized nutritional advice, adapted to your lifestyle.

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